what other

services do

you offer

we offer other options for families to receive guidance and help

If traveling to Lubbock is not an option for you

If one-on-one services is not an option for you 

If you are a new parent and just want some guidance

If you are just wanting to stay on top of developmental milestones 

If you want to learn some tips and strategies to use at home 

if any of these sound like you we have options for you

Skill Groups

We offer this option to families for whom one-on-one intervention is not an option


are skill groups designed for? 

We offer this option to families as an adjunct to individual therapy for practicing skills 

We offer this option to families of kids who are transitioning from one-on-one intervention to graduation


skills are addressed during group sessions?

1 hour weekly group sessions

Therapeutic techniques used

Groups planned and led by occupational and speech therapists


Resources provided


are skills addressed?

Gross motor skills 

Visual perception

Coordination skills 

Sensory processing 

Emotional regulation 

Fine motor skills

Visual motor skills

Expressive language 

Receptive language 



Social skills

Executive functions


Following directions 

billed monthly

Bilateral coordination

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